Monthly Archives: November 2022

Laptop Hinge Repair: Fixing Laptop Hinge Problems

ways to fix broken laptop hinge

Laptop hinges are important for keeping your laptop screen in place. Unfortunately, they can also be one of the first things to break on your laptop. Not only can they become loose and wobbly, but drops or accidents can easily damage them. Replacing a laptop hinge is usually a straightforward process, but choosing the right […]

Myths About Slow Laptops and The Truth Behind Them

Slow laptop myths and how to fix them

Is your laptop running slow? If so, you’re not alone. Many people believe there are certain things you can do to speed up your laptop; in reality, there are a number of myths about slow laptops. This article will dispel some of these myths and set the record straight. 35% of laptop owners complain about […]

7 Features to Look for When Buying a Laptop for Gaming

Gaming laptop highlight features

Laptops are not just for emailing and browsing the web. They can also be used for gaming. Gaming laptops have become increasingly popular in recent years as technology has progressed. However, many seniors living in centers don’t have access to them. This is due to a lack of understanding of how laptops can be used […]

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