Acer Laptop Singapore at Affordable Price

Laptops have revolutionised the way people communicate, research and learn. With the evolution of laptops into mini desktops and notebooks, they are now being used more often by employees and students. Laptops are ideal for transporting files to work and back, as well as for sharing information while on the go. Many businesses have switched their whole desktop workforce to laptops in order to save money on buying and maintaining multiple desktop computers.

Acer Collection of Laptops Singapore

Acer brand has a collection of ultra-modern personal laptops geared towards the casual home user or for occasional business use. The Aspire range covers laptops and desktop computers. The Aspire range includes convertible notebooks with a full keyboard or an integrated keyboard tray. Acer has integrated a powerful sound system into its laptops, so that they deliver the very best laptop battery life. Laptops are generally small and light, using a typical design layout of a notebook PC. Laptops generally have either one or two external ports including USB, HDMI or a FireWire port. Some of Acer's main laptop series models include the TravelMate series and the Acer Aspire series, all of which have been designed with mobility in mind.  

Acer Gaming Laptop or Business Laptops?

Acer laptops usually have less powerful processors, so that they can run longer on battery life. This means that a laptop will not be able to handle gaming and graphics applications. Rather, it is targeted towards business work. To address this problem, many of the latest Acer laptops are focused on providing a powerful processor and Graphics Processing Unit with the Acer gaming laptop series such as the Aspire 7, Nitro and Predator. Although laptops generally only have a standard hard drive for storing data, additional storage space can be added through the use of external drives or solid state drives (SSD). Many of the latest Acer laptops offer high definition (HD) display technology, meaning that the screen is larger than the normal display offered on a notebook. Some of the best laptops, such as the Acer C Series models, use the new Solid Surface Technology standard on their laptop screens. This is part of an ongoing development by Acer, who are trying to push the boundaries of mobile computing. Acer laptop Vs other brands. Laptops are no longer just for people on the go. They are also great for students who need to work off campus, but still need to have access to their main computer. Laptops can also provide extra portability, allowing people to take their equipment along on vacation, business trips or business meetings. These are just some of the many benefits available with the new type of laptops, which include the newest Intel Core processors, larger and higher resolution displays, and the long-anticipated replacement for the aging laptop battery.