How to Use HDMI to Charge Your Laptop

charge windows laptop using hdmi cable

Is your laptop’s charger broken, and do you need a new method of recharging it? Is it true, as some have claimed, that an HDMI cable may be used to power a laptop? Maybe you’re curious and want to know more about the subject? Whatever the situation, we’re here to assist. Nothing is more frustrating than a laptop charger that fails. Your laptop, your lifeline for work, socialising, and viewing movies, is gone before you realise it, a wasted break.

Are you searching for other methods of charging a laptop in the hope that one of them will work? The only information you can find is contradictory. When you’re in a panic, you don’t know what to do or where to go. So, that’s it! We’re here to breathe fresh life into your laptop! Using an HDMI cable to power a laptop is possible, and we’ll show you how! Continue reading to learn more!

Can You Really Charge Your Laptop with HDMI?

First, let’s see if a laptop can be charged via HDMI. Yes, you’ll be astonished to learn that an HDMI can actually power a laptop. If the charger on your laptop fails, you can use an HDMI cable to recharge it. If you’re in a pinch and have no other options, the HDMI cable is your only option. They lack the same voltage and current regulators as a typical laptop charger, making it impossible for your laptop to receive a safe charge.

You can charge your laptop with an HDMI cable, but it may not work with all electrical equipment. The HDMI cable, on the other hand, can be a lifesaver if you are strapped for cash.


How Do I Use An HDMI Port To Charge My Laptop?

Let’s get this party started. If your laptop is capable, you can charge it with an HDMI cable. You’ll never have to worry about running out of battery again if you follow these three simple steps! We’ll walk you through the entire procedure!

1. Make sure your laptop is in order!

Before continuing, make sure your laptop is capable of being charged. As computers get slimmer, the number of ports they have is reducing. Look for an HDMI port on your laptop’s left and right sides where you can plug in an adaptor cable. You’ll need an HDMI adapter if you’re using a Macbook. We recommend checking to see if your laptop has any additional features before deciding!

If your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI port, you’ll need an HDMI adapter cable and converter. You can’t charge your laptop with an HDMI connection without a connector or converter. It is reliable to find adapters online or in stores; they shouldn’t cost you a fortune if you need one!

2. Start Your Connections

It is time to begin charging your laptop once you locate an adapter and an HDMI cable! You can use the HDMI cable with a TV that supports HDMI. Plugin the other end of your HDMI cable to the HDMI port. Get all of your connections and ports working before you go to sleep. You don’t want to feel like you’ve been let down the next morning.

You should make sure that your laptop’s ports are available before trying to connect to the computer. Laptops with HDMI ports are a terrific option for individuals who wish to view movies on the go. You’ll need one if you don’t have an HDMI to USB adapter. Connect your HDMI cable to the adapter, and you’re ready to connect your laptop.

3. Complete Your Links and Take the Tests

The end is at hand! You should now connect your laptop via the HDMI cable and adapter you just used. Test the connection to ensure the cord and adapter are correctly positioned in their respective ports. Here, you may need to make a few adjustments in order to ensure the link is secure. You can celebrate if your laptop powers on or the charging light flashes. If you don’t observe any progress, unplug the HDMI cord and try again. It may also be a malfunctioning internet connection. Many attempts may be necessary, especially if your HDMI cable has adapters on both ends.

Also, ensure your TV is working correctly and the connection there is safe. The power source may be the problem if you notice that all you are getting is static. Using a different TV to connect your HDMI cable may solve the issue. Your HDMI port or the laptop itself may be blamed if your laptop still won’t charge. Additional tests can be performed to narrow down the source of the problem.

In this case, you can either leave your laptop to finish charging or continue using it as usual. Until your laptop is fully charged, don’t remove the cable. Using an HDMI cable may take longer than using a laptop charger, but it will do the trick if you are in a hurry!

Bottom Line

To summarise, charging a laptop with an HDMI cable is incredibly easy if you have followed these steps. Verify that all your connections are safe if you’re utilising an HDMI cable to link your laptop to your television. Charging your laptop is as simple as plugging in an HDMI cable to the HDMI port on your TV and then connecting the HDMI cable (and any necessary adapter) to your laptop.


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