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Starlabs iphone screen repairs done in singapore. Affordable iphone x, xs, 8, 7 glass screen or lcd fix in 30 minutes. All iphone screen replacements have a 3 month warranty valid in Singapore.

Most new phones are made of OLED and we have been doing Curved OLED glass replacement for Samsung curved screen since S7 Edge 3 years ago. iPhone Xs Max repair, Xs and X screens are all flat OLED our skills are the best and tip top efficiency. Therefore, we are confident to give you a 3 month warranty for your screen repairs. All older models of iPhone are backlit LEDs and this is different in the way they can be cut and bonded to the new glass. Oleds are very temperamental and technical experts are critical in good glass repair.

Please do refer here for Apple Official Screen Repair. We do it cheaper here and it only takes about 30-40 minutes without any data loss at Starlabs.


Glass replacement requires the careful removal of the cracked glass on your LCD screen. A stable heat source and hands with surgical precision allows the glass to slowly peeled off. Alkali-aluminosilicate glass aka Gorilla Glass is used to replace the old one to ensure that the integrity of the phone is maintained.

At Starlabs, we let you choose between 3 options available to suit your iphone screen repair needs.


The glass only replacement which is the removal of the old cracked glass and using side adhesive we fit the new glass over the LCD. The downside of this procedure is that the sensitivity of the touchpanel will be now reduced and the colour contrast will be lighter than before. This procedure is only recommended for customers who are on a tight budget or waiting to change a new phone. Also the cheapest method.


The second option that Starlabs offers would be to replace the glass with commercial grade optical adhesive which all original screens are fitted with to give it a spanking new look. This option is slightly more expensive but the effects are astounding. Samsung only does entire LCD replacement and you can see their prices here.


Updated: There are various types of Grades of LCD in the market and we prefer using those OEM grades from manufacturers such as Foxxcon or LG which provide us with at least 3 Months warranty. Some repair places offer china lcd at very attractively cheap prices and are distinctive by having no warranty at all. These though cheap have high failure rates so we would advise you on avoiding such places.

LCD Failure: If you mobile device has a cracked screen but you are unsure if the LCD is working, bring it down for a diagnostic or send us a picture via whatsapp to 97292739. Our humble repair shop also does additional business support services such as data recovery for a low fee.

Warranty Support: Our repair shop provides a warranty support of 3 months for crack glass or lcd screen replacement.


Do you also repair Samsung phones with crack screens? Is the Price good?

Yes, we do! In fact we are the first in the market to do support Amoled glass repairs on Samsung phones or any Samsung Amoled device. Crack glass repair is cheaper and more affordable than the usual full set LCD replacement at the official service centre. 

If i have Applecare Singapore Warranty for my iPhone can i use it here?

Sorry but Apple’s Applecare is not eligible here. We are considered a third party repair shop. 

Additional Info: Phones with crack screens are considered accidental damage by Apple guidelines and therefore not available for FREE warranty but only OUT-OF-WARRANTY repair. This screen replacement quote is VERY high and can fee can go up to $650-$850 for high end iphone models. 

If the glass on my mobile phone’s front camera is cracked do i have to change the camera too?

Hi, if the crack is too severe and it cuts deep into the camera lens, we will have to change the camera. However, this is less than 20% of the time and we will try to salvage it if possible during screen replacement.

Additional info: We do provide a discounted rate if your camera does need replacement. 

Is the price & diagnostic fees at Apple Official Singapore higher than yours?

Hi, our repair shop is definitely cheaper as we are trying to be the lowest price Singapore shop. And no we do not charge a fee for diagnostics. However, we do urge you if you are still within 1 year warranty please do go back to Apple Authorized Service Centre.

Additional info: Screen replacement for iPhones are relatively more expensive within the first year of launch. 

What other screen repairs do you support? Is your phone screen repair singapore based?

We can do screen replacement for iPads, laptops and gaming devices such as Nintendo. We are based in Singapore but have R&D and supply chains in China and Malaysia. 

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