Laptop Screen Repair


For laptops here we can do it, this list is not exhaustive:
1. Asus – Zenbook, Chromebook, Vivobook, ROG repair
2. Alienware – M15, M17
3. Toshiba – Protege, Satellite, Tecra Repair
4. Dell Inspiron – XPS Series, Latitude Series, Vostro Repair
5. Acer – Swift, Aspire, Spin Repair
6. Lenovo – IdeaPad, ThinkPad, Chromebook, Yoga Series Repair
7. Samsung – Notebook 5,7,9, Odyssey, Flash
8. HP – HP – Spectre, Pavilion, Elitebook Repair
9. Microsoft – Surface Pro 3,4,5,6
10. Sony laptops

You might have been planning to take the laptop to the original store. All the data from your laptop will be lost and they will take more than 5 days to repair the Laptop screen. As well as, you should know that it is not a great idea because there are chances that they will charge you extra. There are many service providers in the market but the issues are that they are fake. We know you are confused and that is why we are here to provide you the quality services to assure that the issue can be resolved in limited time.



Our experts will provide you the best quality Laptop screen repair.
1. Our experts know how to deal with the latest models of laptops
2. We will first inspect the main cause of the screen damage so that we can first resolve that issue and after that repair or replace the screen.
3. Our experts will repair the screen of the laptop in 60-90 minutes to assure that you will not have to wait.
4. All our services available at the most affordable rate, so you will not have to keep wondering if you got the best price

Why people come to us!
Is it worth changing the screen for your laptop?
1. Most laptops can be used 5-7 years
2. Service centers normally do not stock old models of laptop screens
3. You will need to delete all data and they might hold the laptop for 5 days to 3 weeks
4. They are very costly we are basically half the price

Thats why people come to us!
We also provide affordable iphone repairs & samsung phone repairs.


All the parts that we will use to repair the laptop are the best quality and authentic. We take the parts from the original manufacturers to assure that you will get the best facilities. We are here to gain your trust by providing the quality services that you will not get from anywhere else. Once we are finished with the laptop repair, your device will work like it is new. All our services are warrantied. Our experts also provide the risk coverage to give you the peace of mind that you have come to a reliable service provider.


1. BUGIS Hp: 9729 2739
2. YISHUN Hp: 9788 0587
3. BEDOK Hp: 9777 7509
4. BUKIT PANJANG Hp: 9150 8229


How long will it take for you to repair the laptop?

The duration depends on the issue, but our experts will assure to repair the laptop as soon as possible. I believe that for most models we can do it within 1 hour.

Can I bring my own spare parts?

Yes, if you are original and high-quality spare parts you can bring your own. However, we are also using the best quality spare parts so there is nothing to worry about.

How your services are better?

We have the experience and expertise in dealing with all different types of laptops. Our experts will quickly repair the laptop so you can get back to work. There is no data loss, no long wait, 3 month warranty provided.

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