MacBook Pro Repair Singapore

The MacBook Pro brings in the bumped up version of the MacBook series with added functionality such as the touch bar and expanded touch pad. The availability of Intel processors under the MacBook Pro series is the answer for creators and gaming enthusiasts on the Mac OS platform. You don't want to lay waste on such an expensive machine through rough use and damage. Even so, our professionals are here to revert and repair any damages done to your MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro Repair by Affordable Laptop Services

The MacBook Pro is the high end version of the MacBook and MacBook Air series; hence the name Pro. The 6th generation MacBook Pro is the first MacBook Pro to feature the Apple M1 processor which was released on November 2020.

The MacBook Pro has enough juice to provide efficient gaming and video editing capabilities. The 15 inch version has the option of the i7 6th generation quad core while the 13 inch comes with a dual core i5 and i7 options. These Intel processors hits hard on the benchmarks compared to other MacBook versions.

How long does a MacBook Pro Last?

A MacBook Pro typically last for 5-6 years. Given that you use your MacBook Pro with utmost sincerity and care, it will last for atleast 10 years.

Service and Support From the People Who Know Your Mac Best

Apple has been known to produce some of the most amazing and unique products in business today. However, like all gadgets, they can get damaged and may call for repairs. This is where Affordable Laptop Services come in to bring life and renovate your Apple products; our customer service is also continually evolving. While we may not be at the top of the list, we are certainly one of the best in providing support for any problems you might encounter with your MacBook.

One-stop Solution for Your MacBook

Do you need a local Mac support expert who can handle all your Mac issues? You're probably familiar with Apple's Genius Bar, which offers free support for most problems. But it only serves customers who are able to make an appointment in advance. With Affordable Laptop Services, you can repair your damaged MacBook immediately without any prior appointments.We offer one of the best Mac support in the industry with a fast turnaround time, and our expert technicians are just an email or phone call away 24/7. MacBook repairs are one of our popular services, and many customers have told us how helpful we've been in solving their problems. Our most demanded services under the MacBook category are MacBook battery replacement and MacBook screen replacement.

After-sales Service for all MacBook Repairs

Our services don't end when we successfully repair your MacBook. We also offer after-sales services to guarantee the quality of our products and services. Our customer service is always available to answer questions regarding any discrepancies you might have after leaving our repair centre.