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Mobile Devices
Provide services for all Samsung Products

Samsung Customer Service Centre @ Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #B2-23, Singapore 238839

Samsung Customer Service Centre @ Westgate
3 Gateway Drive #02-01, Singapore 608532

For Mobile Device and Accessory services only

Samsung Customer Service Centre @ Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square #01-01/02, Singapore 738099

Samsung Customer Service Centre @ VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk #02-28/29 Singapore 098585

Click HERE for more information about their service centre locations.

Kindly note the revised operating hours for Samsung Service Centres from 7

April to 4 May 2020:
Monday – Saturday: 11am to 7pm
Sunday and public holiday: 11am to 5pm

Whether you have bought the latest Samsung phone or the previous model, it is important that you have all the information related to the product. Every phone has some unique features and specifications that will enhance your phone user experience. Make sure that you get all the information about the product that you have bought. You will know how to access all those features and what are the benefits that come with the services. Getting all the information before you start using your phone will allow you to use the device in a better way.


BreakFixNow Phone Repair
They were the first to specialise in eMMC failure repairs and are able to fix it within 40mins of taking in your phone for diagnostics. They operate a 6 man tech team to diagnose and pinpoint the problem for your Samsung phone. They advise that older model of phones do not upgrade the later version of firmware to avoid motherboard chipset overloading. New firmware offer more advanced applications which may cause the already slow and laggy phones to overload and die.

At their convenient location at Bugis, you will be able to fix your phone over a cup of coffee as it is surrounded by various shopping centres such as Bugis Street, Bugis Junction & Bugis+.


Do you also repair Samsung phones with crack screens? Is the Price good?

Yes, we do! In fact we are the first in the market to do support Amoled glass repairs on Samsung phones or any Samsung Amoled device. Crack glass repair is cheaper and more affordable than the usual full set LCD replacement at the official service centre. 

If i have Applecare Singapore Warranty for my iPhone can i use it here?

Sorry but Apple’s Applecare is not eligible here. We are considered a third party repair shop. 

Additional Info: Phones with crack screens are considered accidental damage by Apple guidelines and therefore not available for FREE warranty but only OUT-OF-WARRANTY repair. This screen replacement quote is VERY high and can fee can go up to $650-$850 for high end iphone models. 

If the glass on my mobile phone’s front camera is cracked do i have to change the camera too?

Hi, if the crack is too severe and it cuts deep into the camera lens, we will have to change the camera. However, this is less than 20% of the time and we will try to salvage it if possible during screen replacement.

Additional info: We do provide a discounted rate if your camera does need replacement. 

Is the price & diagnostic fees at Apple Official Singapore higher than yours?

Hi, our repair shop is definitely cheaper as we are trying to be the lowest price Singapore shop. And no we do not charge a fee for diagnostics. However, we do urge you if you are still within 1 year warranty please do go back to Apple Authorized Service Centre.

Additional info: Screen replacement for iPhones are relatively more expensive within the first year of launch. 

What other screen repairs do you support? Is your phone screen repair singapore based?

We can do screen replacement for iPads, laptops and gaming devices such as Nintendo. We are based in Singapore but have R&D and supply chains in China and Malaysia. 

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